When choosing a 1911 paddle holster, there are many great options. Safariland Kimber Holsters - Kimber 1911 Holsters by Safariland Safariland Kimber Holsters - Kimber 1911 Holsters by Safariland Safariland Kimber Holsters. It set a standard for comfort, durability, safety, and support. Elite 1911 Holsters Classic 1911 Holster 99.1% Of Customer Satisfaction "I am beyond thrilled with the craftsmanship, the retention level, and the how comfortable my 1911 holster is. Sig Sauer Holster with Laser or Tac Light 4 Conclusion 1911 Holsters w/Light Holster Attributes Galco Miami Classic II. Browning 1911 - 22 - Compact holsters are custom made for this gun model for a perfect fit, . LVL II PANCAKE OWB KYDEX HOLSTER FOR GUN WITH LIGHT $ 119.95 D111 Leopard Vertical leather shoulder holster for guns with light From $ 77.95 to $ 97.95 C713 Universal Nylon Belt Holster for Gun with Light/Laser $ 56.95 A604 L Timeless open-top IWB leather holster for gun with laser/light New $ 84.95 C904 L 2021 Features: Covers the trigger of the weapon Exposed . It will ship priority, with tracking. The Outside the Waist Band (OWB) holster is a great carry platform for training and range time, as well as for concealed carry. My favorite, however, is the Galco Speed Paddle Holster. Shop our online gun holster and gear store. Elite 1911 Holsters Classic 1911 Holster 99.1% Of Customer Satisfaction "I am beyond thrilled with the craftsmanship, the retention level, and the how comfortable my 1911 holster is. 1. $50.00. 1911 Custom Kydex Holsters All of our holsters are 100% made in America, by Veterans and Law Enforcement. Don't see what you're looking for? The natural retention of each material takes care of it and you can even hold the scabbard upside down without the firearm falling off. BLACKHAWK! This is a custom Holster, with no wait. Originally developed for the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), the Professional 1911 provides high-end custom shop features in an ideal platform for withstanding the rugged use of duty with one of Americas most elite units. Adjustable Retention for the Perfect Fit/Draw. Both offer excellent resistance to environmental conditions. Exarchy Holster Co. handcrafts holsters for most Olight weapon mounted lights. This duty holster can be made for over 450 firearm and light variants, in both right and left handed configurations, making it the most custom level 2 holster available. Position Product Name Price Price DESC Search Priority Set Descending Direction. AIWB Wing Claw 2.5 Light-Bearing Holster for Glock; AIWB Wing Claw 2.5 Holster for Glock; . Or you can rely on the retention strap which can have several levels of retention. Contact. Price drop, I am selling it for $120.00 shipped. Our vast list of customization options allows you to design a Titan Light that is uniquely yours. I ordered a custom holster for my 1911. We use nylon injection molded belt clip or soft loops. $41.00. Available in .45ACP with 14k solid gold bead front sight and giraffe bone grips. Our products are individually handcrafted to deliver the highest level of quality and performance. Condor VT Holster 3.2 2. The base model comes in black with 1.75 belt loops. Each holster is molded to the actual frame to cover the trigger of the weapon, leaving the barrel/muzzle open. Once everything is modeled on the computer, we make a custom model for the firearm. A. Tucker says, "If you're on a SWAT team, go for it. Also Fits Clones. 1911 Holster OWB Kydex Holster Fits: Colt Commander 1911 .45 / 9mm / 4.25" / 4.5" / PT1911 Gun Holster Outside . and the how comfortable my 1911 holster is. Designed specifically for comfort, the Pro Carry EZ is soft, concealable, and fully versatile. Don M - October 17, 2017.

Toggle menu. PayPal F&F is preferred. The Estimated Lead Time For This Item Is Listed At The Top Of Your Screen. Springfield 1911 Custom Kydex Holster (12 colors to choose from) SpartanTactical2017 (1,107) $23.99 $29.99 (20% off) FREE shipping More colors 1911 Custom Leather Shoulder, Underarm Holster For Colt 1911, Chest Holster, Holsters For Revolvers, Valentines Day Gift For Boyfriend Turkishworkmanship (63) $130.00 FREE shipping The Condor VT fits most pistol models. I think "like a glove" is the way to describe how well my firearm fits into my holster. 5 5 (84 Reviews) $104.49. We believe our familiarity with the design helps us communicate with you to make sure you get the perfect 1911 holster. The leather backing provides a great degree of comfort and flexibility.

And outside the waistband.

All of our holsters are purposely built and custom-made. For example, 1911 pancake holster will accommodate all 1911s 3",4",5" & 6". 1911 holster truenorthcustmleathr (18) $125.00 Retro Style Colt 1911 Holster And Double Magazine Pouch, Brown. This is a very comfortable holster. Our 1911 holsters are built on a durable backing made of horsehide or cowhide; the choice is yours. It is my favorite while on the ATV at the ranch, for hunting, or just plain looking cool with that custom 1911. Colt 1911 3.25" Defender With Rail Only RDS Red Dot Optic Cut OWB Holster. The Galco Speed Paddle boats a beautiful, top-quality leather holster, keeps your pistol in place with tight retention, and fits the shape of your 1911 with a custom-tailored design. Crimson Trace Front Activation Green Lasergrip for 1911 . However, given its slim contours, even a full-size 1911 can be comfortably concealed, which is exactly why Alien Gear makes more than one Kimber 1911 Custom models 5-inch concealed carry holster. Custom molded with Nylon 6 Polymer for extra strength and durability ; Made in Israel by a veteran of the Israeli police SWAT unit ; Frequently bought together + + Total price: To see our price, add these items to your cart. Worn on the inside of the waistband [IWB] and fastened with a 1.5" or 1.75" FOMI Clip The ModWing is a standalone piece of concealment-enhancing hardware. Features Our 1911 holsters are available for either cocked and locked carry or hammer down carry. 1911 Gun Holsters: Springifled, Kimber, Taurus, Remington, & More! 77 reviews for CUSTOM HOLSTER. Handcrafted leather holster 1911. 20 Items Sort By Brown Alligator Wallet L5001 $124.99 Buffalo Wallet L5000 $79.99 Double Magazine Pouch L4010 $130.00 Holster, Classic Cowhide, Government L2000 $179.99 Our 1911 IWB Kydex holsters are manufactured to the exact shape and form of your 1911.

That's not the only reason tactical lights are a great addition to your 1911, though. 13641 US Highway 69 Bells, TX 75414 .

( 14 questions) (3 User Photos) $ 49.95. Tactical Grade Polymer with Micro-Sand Finish for Superior Handling Tactical Pink (Grips and Screw Set Only) New on the market Honeycomb 1911 Colt A1 and Commander Honeycomb Gun Metal Gray In a Tactical Micro-Sand Finish to have the best gripping . If you go to getoffthex.com, and search for a thread written by Gomez entitled-The evolution of Kydex Rigs for guns with weapon lights, the pictures speak for . Shop 1911 Holsters These two materials offer the best of both worlds in one 1911 IWB holster. You can also choose from Genuine Leather, Rugged Laminate or Light Weight Polymer 1911 Holsters. Because our holsters are purposely designed and can be carried at 3 to 4 o'clock and can be ordered for appendix carry. Shop 1911 Holsters Be the first to know about new .

. #3 Light Holster. outside the waistband custom kydex light bearing holster contour - custom kydex for your concealed carry glock - 17/22/31 glock - 17/22/31 w/ glock tactical light glock - 17/22/31 w/m3 tactical light glock - 17/22/31 w/m5 tactical light glock - 17/22/31 w/tlr-1 light glock - g17 generation 4 glock - 19/23/32 glock - 21 glock - 21 sf glock - 26/27/33 glock - 30 glock - 34 glock - 36 glock - 37 . This can help ensure you know what you're shooting at. Big Buck Whitetail Deer, LH, 1911 Leather Gun Holster for Standard Semi-Auto Pistol, 4-Inch Barrel. Bronco SOB Holster $115.00 USD. We are confident you will find the right 1911 Holster for your prized firearm. Note the gap. Custom Duty Holsters, Level II Retention Holsters for 250+ firearms and 85+ light and laser attachments. $41.00. AIWB Holsters for 1911; . This hard shim kit will contain a variety of sized hard spacers and hardware that will allow the user to customize the spacing of the G-Code Hanger off the holster for Level II clearance. S.T.R.I.K.E.

The HC11 holster is perfectly designed to work with any weapon that has the Recover Tactical CC3C, CC3H or CC3P Grip & Rail System installed. Wish List Compare. We will build yours to fit to your exacting specifications from color to shape . Cobra Hybrid Holster $155.00 USD. C.T.

Trigger pull: 3.75 - 4 lbs (will vary based on your mainspring weight) Excellent work and great quality.

RTI Holsters will come with a hard shim kit (effective 1-1-2021). Reversible Modular Belt Panels 3.3 3. Custom Shoulder Holsters Shoulder Holsters for 1911 Shoulder Holsters for 1911 Recommended The least expensive The most expensive News D802 Adams Horizontal nylon shoulder holster $ 44.95 D101 Ocelot Horizontal leather shoulder holster From $ 44.95 to $ 95.95 D603 Timeless roto-shoulder holster with counterbalance New $ 179.95 D604 Full Custom IWB Holster. Purpose driven innovation. Here at Patriotware Holsters we pride ourselves on the many custom builds we have created for our customers. Some G-Code Belt Slides may not work with our RTI Holster until the shimming is correct. Hybrid and All Leather Holsters. GrhLeather (74) $253.77 1911 Pistol Wildbunch style gun holster made in Wyoming for a full size 1911 .45 Colt style pistol, handcrafted in Wyoming Wylieleather (418) $55.90 $69.88 (20% off) FREE shipping A Springfield Springfield TRP /TRP Operator holster keeps dust, moisture and water away Springfield 1911-A1 45 ACP Professional Light Custom Shop Pistol Item Number: PC9111LR; Springfield 1911 Inside-the-Waistband Holster $24 75 belt loops Modeled similarly to The Standard Holster, the Weapon light holster can be configured for belt carry or . Offering maximum comfort and concealment, our Standard / Custom holsters are made with a Traditional Press Process for a perfect weapon fit and retention. $49.99. Exarchy Holster features: Vacuum-Formed Kydex Shell for your weapon and light. P380 19 Kahr P40 18 Kahr PM45 18 Kahr PM9 20 Kahr TP45 18 Kel-Tec P3AT 380 19 Kel-Tec PF9 18 Kimber 1911 Crimson Carry 4" 18 Kimber 1911 Ultra 18 Kimber Custom Crimson Carry II 5" 18 Kimber Micro 9mm 18 Kimber Micro Raptor 380 18 Kimber Micro Raptor 9mm 18 Kimber Solo 19 Remington R51 18 . Most importantly, it was the star of Miami Vice, which is where it gained its namesake. $41.00. Condor VT Holster. Starting at $8,999 View Details. Kydex is an ideal holster material because of its resistance to curling or warping. Fully Customize Your 1911 . Kimber Ambi IWB/AIWB/OWB Holster - 5" 1911. Featuring our top quality thermal-molding process and American made Kydex materials, we're sure that our OWB holsters your answer for anyone who trains with their firearm . Walnut brown vegetable tanned leather. If not, your pistol is a quick-response tool for a sudden and extreme self-defense situation. We offer many styles and finishes in 1911 Holsters. Best 1911 Holsters. Adjustable cant and ride height (Hybrid Models) Premium Leather Steer Hide or Horse Hide. The EZ Model is one of our most popular models due to its ability to conceal the firearm and offer maximum comfort. The Galco Miami Classic is undeniably the flag bearer for shoulder rigs.